My name is Stu Mateo and this is my webbed site that I use to learn HTML/CSS & express myself, so it's all really personal to me! I'm 21 years old & a Libra sun, Gemini moon, Leo rising & venus. I'm bisexual & bigender which is really important to me!! I'm also mixed race (mestizo Costa Rican & nonwhite Armenian & Irish & German & French) and pretty pale, though sometimes I more read as racially ambiguous. I've been trying to convert to Judaism for a few years now and keep having things postponed, but know I still am going to be Jewish very soon!
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I'm making a separate section for all my brain shit cuz it is so much all the time! I have undiagnosed autism & probably ADHD ): I also have instense delusions, attachment issues inkeeping with BPD, and self image issues inkeeping with NPD. I'm phrasing it all funny like that because I'm kind of anti-psychiatry industry in a lot of ways and the way diagnoses are made is kind of arbitrary when you learn about it, so I prefer to just label my symptoms. My big delusions are that I'm a psychic who's uniquely able to impact the world & that I'm a fallen angel-type-thing who's had a falling out with G-d. I also occassionally have intense delusions around kinnie shit, but that's not what most of my kinnie shit is. I have a lot of hallucinations that are just physical like feeling things that aren't real, as well as small visual warping symptoms (think Alice in Wonderland syndrome).


I have a boyfriend I really love! Their name is Jason & we've been together 4 1/2 years. We're gonna get married in a few years when they move to the US and I'm really excited.

I'm almost done with my degree in Computer Science! I got to a liberal arts college and also study some French. I want to get into video game design because I love video games so much!! I also am really interested in animal psychology, leftism, algebra, poetry, music subcultures, and fashion subcultures.

I collect jewelry-- I take stuff from family's collections if they don't want them, buy cheap stuff from Goodwill, shoplift from chain stores (no telling shh), and more because I really like glittery things and decoration.

I really like animals, they're one of my fave things. I have a Pomeranian mixed Shiba Inu named Charlie who's small and black and about 7 yrs old who's a rescue. I've had her since she was about 1 yr. Me and my bf are planning on getting a rabbit too!! And eventually, I want a pet snake. I briefly studied zoology as a kid but dropped it, but pet care and stuff is still my shit.